Colorin the unicorn

Hello! I’m Colorin the unicorn.

I love children’s stories, and as you can see, I’m a very special unicorn! I can walk on two legs, and my mane is all the colors of the rainbow!

But most importantly, I can talk. I really like it because it allows me to tell you stories. It’s what I love the most! I tell stories and children’s tales that entertain you, help you sleep, and teach you about historical events and the lives of very interesting people.

Tolerance, respect, inclusion, education, learning, and fun are very important words for me, and I want to convey them to you through children’s stories and tales.

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Presentación de Colorin el unicornio, el cuentacuentos para niños.

Discover all my books on my website. E-books or hardcover books, you can find them at

On my YouTube channel, Colorin Cuenta, I tell various children’s stories and tales in different videos: bedtime stories, classic tales, fables with morals, original stories of Colorin the unicorn, songs, and much more! It’s all designed to stimulate imagination, learn new things, and have a good time.


Publishing House Colorin Cuenta (Colorin Tells)

In the editorial Colorin Cuenta, we are all parents of young and not-so-young children (they grow up so fast…). So, like you, we are concerned about what children may see on the internet, on YouTube, Google, on social media, … from everywhere.

But we are also concerned that, increasingly, children read less and have less interest in reading. Perhaps because the books we buy them are not to their liking, or maybe because those books are not illustrated in a way they enjoy… There can be many reasons.

And that’s why we decided to create our new best friend, Colorin the unicorn. A tolerant and respectful character for everyone, fun, and knowledgeable. A character for children who can talk about religion, the Bible, and others (we’ll see in the future), but also about science and things that concern children today. A character who knows classic stories and adapts them so that everyone can understand and enjoy.

We are also sure that the videos, books, and stories for children from Colorin the unicorn will delight you as much as they do us. If you want to send us a little message, you can use the message form a little further down or send an email to

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I am Colorin the Unicorn

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