Tales for kids The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Hello, friends! Today, I’m going to tell you the story for kids “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” a children’s tale in English by the Grimm Brothers with a moral.

Let’s find out why it’s important to keep your promises and respect what you say to others.

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin – A tale for children by the Grimm Brothers

A long time ago, in Germany, there was a very beautiful and prosperous city called Hamelin. It became an important port where merchants from all over the world would come.

The citizens lived very happily, but one night, hundreds of rats invaded the city. Rats were everywhere, in the streets, entering houses. From all sides!

Faced with this serious situation, the mayor’s first idea was to bring many cats to the city to catch the rats, but it didn’t work.

He also tried to set traps at every corner, but it didn’t work. Everything he tried failed, and more rats came every day.

After a long time, a musician playing the flute arrived in the city and told the mayor and all the inhabitants that he had the solution to get rid of the rats.

“Can you really do that?” the incredulous mayor asked.

“Of course! It’s one of my specialties,” confessed the musician.

“But in return, I ask for a thousand gold coins.”

“Don’t worry, if you can really do it, I’ll give you up to a million,” said the mayor.

Assured that they would pay him later, the flutist walked to the city center, took a flute from his bag, and began to play. At that moment, as if by magic, the rats started to dance and walk in his direction.

When he saw that all the rats had come close to him, he began to walk while playing the flute down the street that leads to the river. The rats followed him until they reached the riverbank.

The flutist stopped there, but the rats, enchanted by the music, kept walking and fell into the water.

When there was not a single rat left in the city, the flutist returned to the mayor to receive his reward.

But the mayor, forgetting his promise, said: “A thousand coins just for a tune? I think I won’t give you more than a hundred…”

“But you promised!” replied the musician. “If you don’t keep your promise, you will regret it.”

And so it was… The flutist took out his flute again, began to play, and walked towards the city’s exit. All the children, young and old, began to dance and followed him. They walked and walked together until they left the city and never returned, leaving the city without a future.

End of the story The Pied Piper of Hamelin by the Grimm Brothers

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